Defeat the Tea Party

Defeat the Tea Party

Last week the Supreme Court passed a ruling on how large a donation can be contributed for an election. I guess the lobbyists’ situation that we have in the United States probably had not been doing enough in corrupting our elected and appointed officials. Now donors can spend millions of dollars to win an election. They can spend millions in the 2014 elections.

What chance do 85 percent of our American voters have when a Mr. Adelson and his wife, plus the Koch brothers of Texas, can spend $98,000,000 on the elections, as they did in last year’s election?

I cannot compare our election to Mr. Putin’s elections in Russia, but five members of our Supreme Court can bury their heads in shame.

The only way our Republican democracy can survive is for the Tea Party to be defeated in November 2014. It is up to the people to take our country back.