Dead people can’t fire rockets

Dead people can’t fire rockets

Seventy years ago I lost most of my maternal and some of my paternal family to the German monsters that carried out a genocide that they had threatened years prior.

Now my children and grandchildren who live in Israel are threatened by a religion that will not countenance anyone else’s beliefs but their own.

I am sick and tired of hearing people like Shmuley Boteach say that Islam is not the reason that the world is on fire, and that it’s just a few miscreants who have hijacked the religion. And I ask Shmuley and Elie Wiesel why they spent so much money running full-page ads, thereby financially supporting left-leaning newspapers that are anti-Israel?

We are the people of the Torah, or at least we are supposed to be. The Torah commands that if someone comes to kill you, you are obligated to kill them first.

Why don’t Shmuley and Elie encourage the Israeli government to act in a normal way when rockets are being indiscriminately fired at their populace? America and England did what was normal in trying to obliterate their enemies during the Second World War. They did not drop leaflets, they did not make cell phone calls telling their enemies to escape – they did what normal people do.

The standing policy should be simply stated. If you shoot rockets at us, the place where the rockets are shot from will be destroyed. It makes no difference where the rockets are launched. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mosque, a private home, a school, a hospital, or a U.N. installation.

Who cares what the world thinks? The anti-Semites are coming out of their holes anyway. Do Shmuley and Elie really think that their costly ads are going to make much of a difference? The sad fact is that the anti-Jews just cannot abide Jews being successful, having their own country, building a democracy, or being the chosen people.

It is very difficult for people who want to hobnob with the intellectually challenged Hollywood elites and be welcomed into the White House to espouse such a take-no-prisoners policy. They would rather make rational arguments in the face of insanity and barbarism.

In circumstances that the Jewish people are faced with today being reasonable and rational doesn’t work. It’s a delusion.

How many wars is it going take? How many dead soldiers are enough? How many broken families will satisfy the world? How much misery do families who have lost loved ones to terror have to endure? How many destructions, pogroms, Holocausts, and massacres is it going to take?

We have it set before us in the Torah from the mouth of God. Isn’t that enough? “If someone comes to kill you, kill them.” Dead people cannot fire rockets at you.