Danger from Iran

Danger from Iran

I fully acknowledge my naivety when it comes to understanding the political, economic, historical and military complexities involved in the sensitive negotiations regarding the Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

However, I am convinced that Iran is the full heir of the Nazi Fascist plague. The mullahs of Iran are ideological (religious) fanatics whose obsessive goal is the destruction of Israel and the subjugation of the western world. I hope we learned from our experience with the Nazis that it is folly to attempt to make a “deal with the devil”. This merely serves to strengthen him. Our error in the early 20th century led to the loss of sixty million innocent souls.

PM Netanyahu is aware of the futility of this “deal.” I hope that he understands that (ultimately) the only solution to the problem of Iranian aggression is regime change.

I believe that when the Jewish State perceives nuclear weapons are (imminently) to fall into the hands of her implacable enemy, she must strike preemptively (as she did in the six day war of 1967). She must attack (with or without support) the center of regime power, the sites of ICBMS, and the nuclear sites (wherever they may be found).

This is a tall order. However, in my view, this is common sense when she is faced with an absolute existential threat. The Iranian Republic has declared a genocidal war against Israel. The Jewish State must defend herself. This is her moral imperative.

The result is in God’s hand.