Daguerreotypes from the trail

Daguerreotypes from the trail

The hour-long documentary “Carvalho’s Journey” is scheduled to be completed this year, according to its director, Steve Rivo. It will be distributed by the National Center for Jewish Film and broadcast by PBS, he added.

Arlene Hirschfelder’s book provides the core of the film, which relies heavily on the work of Robert Shlaer, an artist and photographer who made daguerreotypes as he retraced the Fremont route. The film includes interviews with historians, dramatic reenactments, and voice-overs. It was partly filmed in the western United States, using Carvalho’s journal as a guide. Rivo said the film, which he called a “labor of love,” is a story of early photography as well as a chronicle of Carvalho’s adventure. It is funded by grants from foundations and individuals.

An 11-minute trailer will be shown Sunday as part of Hirschfelder’s talk at 10:30 a.m. at the Teaneck General Store.

For more information, go to www.jewishfilm.org/fiscal_sponsorship_carvalho.htm.

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