Cost of Jewish living

Cost of Jewish living

I must reply to “Bigger problems than a kosher bar” (Letters, August 1), in which the writer’s complaint boils down to it’s expensive to be a Jew because of the cost of synagogue affiliation and the cost of kosher food.

With all due respect, this is a spurious argument. Membership dues at most synagogues are reasonable and in some cases do not cover the cost of membership and synagogues will work with members who have legitimate hardship issues. Kosher food has always cost more than non-kosher due to costs involved in ritual slaughter and maintaining kosher certification.

Fortunately we live in Bergen County, with a multitude of kosher stores that keeps prices competitive. There is an expense involved with affiliation and keeping kosher but what is the alternative?

Dropping out and non-affiliation is not the answer! Bad-mouthing Jewish institutions is counter-productive! There is a steep price we will pay if we discard our observances to save a few bucks.

Other faiths impose tithes and other financial obligations on their members as well. I suggest the writer look around at our Jewish community and see the many positive things going on, instead of dwelling on the perceived negatives.