Cooking with seafood (kosher, of course)

Cooking with seafood (kosher, of course)

Now that the weather is nicer, and all that snow is behind us, it’s time to move on to some fun seafood recipes. I have learned to use the fake frozen crab that is sold either in chunks or flakes in the frozen kosher fish section of supermarkets and smaller kosher specialty stores, like butchers. It is made of pollock and whiting and is really delicious. I have two very quick recipes for using the fish– a hot one and a refreshing cold one.
I also like to use the fresh frozen condiments. They come in tiny ice-cube like trays and are perfect for quick flavor.

Seafood over pasta

1 package Dyna-Sea or other kosher brand of imitation crab
1 frozen cube, garlic (see above)
1 frozen cube, basil ”
1/4 cup olive can add one extra tablespoon

1 pound box whole wheat or regular pasta
1 package fresh frozen steam-in-bag mixed vegetables (your choice)

Heat oil with garlic and basil. Add the seafood and cook quickly.Toss. Set aside.
Prepare pasta according to directions. Prepare vegetables according to directions.
Add seafood to pasta and toss. Add vegetables to fish and pasta and toss. Serve with a
romaine salad.

Seafood salad

1 package Dyna-Sea or other brand of kosher imitation crab
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 stalk celery chopped
1/4 cup mayonnaise
Optional- dill, pepper

Chop the seafood into small pieces. Add lemon juice, celery, and mayonnaise. Season to taste with sprigs of dill and pepper. Chill well. Serve over a salad or with crackers.

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