Cookie yogurt

Cookie yogurt

Full disclosure — I am writing this while my head is wrapped in saran wrap and I am sitting under one of those heat dryer things. I feel like one of those old ladies who goes to the beauty parlor every week for socialization and self-care — though I am the only one here and self care, for me, usually involves a can of Cherry Coke, a form of crunchy snack, and a John Hughes film on Netflix.

I am debating where to take this column. I am slightly superstitious, so I don’t think I should write about what is, God willing, taking place this coming Sunday, though it is a huge part of what is going through my head and why my “to do” list is so long this week. But there are also many other less emotionally intense things I could attempt to humor you with. So, perhaps, I will wait until after the events of this coming Sunday and focus on something that doesn’t make my eyes well up with tears and my heart feel like it is going to explode.

This brings us to a topic that is much less intense. Cookie yogurt.

For those of us who no longer have little kids living with us because they are grown, we tend to rose-color our memories of various stages that these little ones went through. Whether it was a game they had to play all the time or something they had to wear all the time…. We forget the tantrums that took place when we lost their favorite blanket or couldn’t find the right batteries or made the mistake of, gasp, saying NO to a request that would involve them going to sleep too late and being way too cranky in the morning. I love when Facebook reminds me of the times I let my monkeys stay up past bedtime to watch football games when their teams ended up losing, knowing how difficult it was going to be to get them to get up and not miss the bus in the morning. I remember thinking then that one day they will grow up and leave me, but they will remember that I let them watch these games, hoping that, they too, will rose-color their memories of what is what like growing up with me as a mom.

Husband #1 was always the one who would say no. I would be the good cop, at least sometimes, and so far, they have grown up with no intention of ever even having a television, let alone letting their kids watch a football game. I am not sure what that says about my parenting technique versus Husband #1’s but that is for an entirely different type of column (can you say Psychology Today). But it is what it is.

This brings us back to cookie yogurt. There was always a snack that my kids had to have. I look back fondly at the reprimands I received from their school about my sending in snacks that were “unhealthy.” I remained firm and still do, to this day, that if the snack has the word “fruit” in it, it is considered healthy. Otherwise, why would the word “fruit” be in the name?

My 7-year-old BFF, the cutie I babysit for, is a big fan of cookie yogurt. The Yocrunch Oreo cookie yogurt, to be specific. Every day after school she says, “Banji, please get me a yogurt and a spoon.” It makes her very happy. But then something happened. The kosher stores were all out of cookie yogurt. They had the M&M kind, the Snickers kind, the Twix kind, but no Oreo cookie. I went to the ShopRite, my home away from home, and nothing. Not a one. It was very upsetting. So one afternoon, my BFF and I decided to call the customer service department of Yocrunch. We spoke to a very lovely lady named Lisa, who informed us that Stop & Shop (my other home away from home) had the inventory we were looking for. So off to Stop & Shop we went. Nothing. Not a one. That Lisa — we were not happy with her!

This past weekend, we went to Baltimore, for reasons that I cannot discuss until next week, and decided to try our luck in the cookie yogurt search. Nothing in Target. Nothing in Wegmans. Nothing in Golden Lion. Nothing in 7 Mile Market. And then I spoke to a lovely lady in Market Maven. “Yes, we have some, but we close in 20 minutes,” she said. Seven. They only had seven. But seven is better than none. And now Son #3 knows he needs to go back before he comes home again to make my BFF happy.

Will she remember her obsession with cookie yogurt? Probably not, but her memories are rose-colored for right now and that is what matters.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck is wondering why there is a shortage of Oreo cookie yogurt, but not Oreo cookies.

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