Convention kid

Convention kid


For the youngest delegate from Bergen County, the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte has been “absolutely incredible.”

“It’s been extremely exciting,” Jeremy Feigenbaum said.

Next week, the 23-year-old Teaneck native will begin his second year at Harvard Law School.

This week, as national vice president of College Democrats of America, he is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a voting delegate.

“Something you don’t get to see on camera is how much excitement there is in a small meeting of a couple of delegates getting to meet each other. If you see the delegates milling around, this is a moment where the Democratic party is coming together. You can’t do that without this national convention,” he said.

Feigenbaum was elected to the College Democrats leadership after serving as president of the group’s chapter at Brown University, which he joined on his first day on campus as an undergraduate.

That followed an internship at the offices of Congressman Steve Rothman during his senior year of high school. That, he said is “where the political bug really bit me.

“The way the people in the office would always answer constituent questions, it motivated me to keep going,” he said.

In college, he interned with State Senator Loretta Weinberger, and in Rabbi Dennis Shulman’s congressional race.

“Three inspiring Jewish Democratic leaders,” he said. “They really provide a role model for a ton of young people throughout the state.”

Feigenbaum said that one of the most exciting moments in the convention so far came when Newark Mayor Cory Booker spoke about the Democratic platform.

“It’s the first-ever platform to include marriage equality. As a young person, I was incredibly excited. There was magic in the room. The room went crazy,” he said.

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