Close Out Bats opens up to israeli team

Close Out Bats opens up to israeli team

This morning I drove up to Westwood looking for Tri-State Sports, home of I parked on Woodland Avenue and asked a woman walking by where I could find Close Out Bats. She pointed toward a red building but warned, “I don’t think they open until three o’clock though.” With a grin I replied, “Today they have a special event.”

They were open, as I knew they would be. They were hosting an under-15 youth baseball team from Israel on its way to Cooperstown for a five-day tournament, where the team will face state champion Little League teams from across the country. The store, one of the team coaches told me, was “a paradise” for the young Israeli players, many of whom had never even seen a baseball bat sold in a store (in case you didn’t know, baseball isn’t so popular in Israel)., which operates primarily online and in the store on certain days, opened its doors to the Israeli team and offered it incredible prices on baseball equipment. Players could test the bats in cages specifically set up for them earlier in the morning.

Stay tuned for a detailed article in next week’s Standard.

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