Clergy members speak out on Gaza

Clergy members speak out on Gaza

We the undersigned, all having deep religious ties to the Holy Land and people of the Middle East, are pained by the escalating violence and human tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflicts. We recognize the legitimate needs of all people for dignity, peace, safety, and security, regardless of religion, race, or national origin. We issue this joint statement with the prayer that our united voices of faith will be heard, above the din of war.

We applaud Israel, Hamas, and all intermediaries who have achieved a cease-fire in Gaza. We call for an enduring cease-fire that will include an end to all rocket attacks on Israel, an end to military action in Gaza, and the restoration of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

We call on all parties engaged in the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflicts to work sincerely and vigorously toward a just and lasting peace that addresses and promotes the aspirations of both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. We call on President Obama to assert U.S. leadership facilitating a diplomatic resolution to this devastating conflict.

As people of faith, we pray for peace in our world. We pledge to work together bringing about an age where all of God’s children live together in true and everlasting harmony.

The Rev. Thomas J. Bartha

Pompton Reformed Church, Pompton Lakes

The Rev. Malachia Brantley, Jr. M.Div

Shiloh Baptist Church, Newark

First Reader Joseph Brensinger

Christian Science Church, Pompton Lakes

Sister Mary Byrnes, PBVM


St. Mary’s Parish School,

Pompton Lakes

The Rev. Kathleen Edwards Chase

First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains

The Rev. John Donnelly

Chaplain, Life Source Hospice, Paramus

Father Kevin Downey, OFM

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Pompton Lakes

Pastor Marjorie Eriksen

Bloomingdale Methodist Church, Bloomingdale

Seminarian Chris Eriksen

Drew Theological Seminary, Madison

Cheryl Finger, District 2 Delegate

Episcopal Diocese of Newark

Christ Church – Pompton Lakes

Father Francis Gunn, OFM

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Pompton Lakes

Father Lancelot J. Reis

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Haskell

The Rev. Archie Palmer

Christ Episcopal Church, Pompton Lakes

Father John J. Pierce, OFM

St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, Butler

Pastor Mark Rossman

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Pompton Plains

Rabbi David Senter

Cong. Beth Shalom, Pompton Lakes

The Rev. John F. Tarantino

Holy Spirit Church, Pequannock

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