Cleaning and whatnot

Cleaning and whatnot

I am writing this on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect, and the leaves are starting to bud on the trees. Days like today are heavenly; you can almost feel the hope in the air. The prospect of new and wonderful things around you. Joy, happiness, laughter.

Or you can look out the window while your head is wrapped in saran wrap and you are sitting underneath a helmet of heat, hoping that the dye that has been put into your hair will trick everyone into thinking that is still naturally auburn and you have not started going gray.

How long did you think I was going to keep up the poetry of positivity? Though it is really a perfect day outside, and I hope that those of you who are cleaning for the upcoming holiday will get a chance to breath in the beautiful fresh air and realize that if you miss a crumb, you will not be struck by lightning. Of course, if you are struck by lightning I cannot be held responsible for my ruling on the said crumb. You do you.

My car is still waiting to be cleaned. It made me think back to when cleaning my car was the worst and most dreaded part of this holiday. It is really amazing to see what cheerio crumbs can turn into. Taking out the car seats and turning them upside down, I could probably fill up a whole box of cereal. When we were done with car seats and it was “just” the backseat, I would find them everywhere. Caked to the bottom of the seat belts, trapped underneath the floor mats. It is like they were made to turn into sand that turns into concrete when mixed with water or juice or humidity.

I was always grateful that my kids weren’t the kind who would spit out gum or gushers if they didn’t like the flavor. The thought of finding those substances is not a pleasant one. And if those sticky remnants had been subjected to heat and started to melt, well, that is a whole other type of cleaning process. But like with everything else, as your kids get older, the garbage left in your car changes. Gone are the cheerios and sippy cups that you thought were lost forever. Enter empty bags of pretzels or chips, water bottles and such. And then the kids get even older and they are rarely passengers in the backseat. All of a sudden, they are driving your car, and you find empty coffee cups in your cup holder. A half-eaten Chikies sandwich that they forgot to bring inside and put in the refrigerator. And then, as time marches on, you are the only one who drives your car and the only person you can blame the mess on is yourself.

This year, my car is filled with empty Coca Cola-flavored Tic Tac boxes. That is my new addiction. They are everywhere. But it should be an easy clean up, because there are no crumbs involved. They have also become Strudel’s favorite toy. It is amazing what joy shaking a full box of Tic Tacs brings to GD #1’s face. Yes, I am aware that Tic Tacs are choking hazards. Don’t worry. She gets only the sealed boxes to shake. And once her fine motor skills are more developed, I know not to give them to her at all.

You know that God must have a sense of humor, making Purim only four weeks before Passover. She wanted to see how long it would take the Chosen People to finish all of the candy they got. I guess four weeks was it. Seems like a decent amount of time. Though some of us can finish it in less than four hours — forget about making it last for four weeks. But cleaning that stuff up from the car has always been fun. Lugging my vacuum cleaner outside and attempting to plug it in, ahh, good memories. Husband #1’s car was always clean. For some reason, he never eats anything in his car. I never know how that is possible, because for me, calories don’t count when they are consumed in your car. Or when you are standing up. Or when you are watching television.

Hence my problem with food.

So there you go. I hope you are enjoying your holiday, wherever you are and with whomever you are with. And wishing that the weather is always perfect and there will always be a smile on your face.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck is wishing all of her readers a sweet, healthy and wonderful holiday, even the readers who aren’t thrilled with her…

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