Choosing our friends

Choosing our friends

After reading in the Jewish Standard (July 20) and elsewhere about the ongoing efforts of Presbyterian leadership to weaken Israel through the BDS movement (while turning a blind eye to real injustices and atrocities in places like Syria and Africa), I couldn’t help but recall your reader poll several weeks back regarding Evangelicals. Nearly two-thirds of respondents stated that Evangelicals make them nervous.

While their motives may not be wholly altruistic, in a world where there are so many movements and factions trying to bring Israel and the Jewish people down, I will wholeheartedly support any group that morally, politically, and financially expresses solidarity with our people.

We don’t have many friends in this world. We need to be less choosy and more accepting of those who reach out to us. The Evangelicals do not make me nervous, but the Presbyterians certainly do.