Choose a cause dear to your heart

Choose a cause dear to your heart

On Oct. 27, 2002, while serving in the Israeli army, Yitzhak Zahavy of Bergenfield was waiting with his platoon for a transport pickup at a gas station/bus terminal at the entrance to the west bank town of Ariel.

A suicide bomber suddenly appeared and the soldiers sprang into action. Three of Yitz’s comrades were killed in trying to prevent the terrorist from detonating his explosives belt. These heroes – Amihud Hasid, Tamir Masad, and Matan Zagron – gave their lives to save the lives of many others. They also prevented the destruction that an explosion in the gas station would have caused.

Yitz, also a hero, was injured in the attack, but has since recovered. On Sunday, he will participate in the New York Triathlon to raise money for the families of his fallen comrades, as well as for the families of other victims of terrorism in Israel.

There are many people taking part in this Sunday’s triathlon who are doing so for worthy causes. We encourage you to choose a cause (or better still, causes) dear to your heart and to contribute (battling breast cancer, for example, by supporting Team Sharsheret).

For our part, we say “Yasher koach, Yitzhak” and urge you to include his cause in your list of causes. After all, his cause is our cause. When terrorists strike, when Jewish lives are needlessly lost, we are all victims.

To donate online, visit Yitz’s secure website at

To donate by mail, send checks payable to Team One Family, and include Yitzhak Zahavy’s name in the memo line. Mail to:

One Family Fund

1029 Teaneck Road #3B

Teaneck, NJ 07666

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