Chabad is welcoming

Chabad is welcoming

Regarding “Yet More Pew” (February 14,) and Rabbi Shmuel Goldin’s thought-provoking comment, “It’s clear that one day God is going to turn to the affiliated Jews and ask them, ‘Why didn’t you work harder to stop this?'”:

If the big question is: How do we motivate Jews to live as Jews, think like Jews, and love being Jewish, and what will ensure our continued success, the answer is to take a look at what works. Chabad has figured out a way to bring Jews back where we belong by being warm and welcoming, and genuinely viewing each Jewish person as a precious diamond. Thousands of Chabad centers around the world have successfully “lit a spark” within many Jews, causing the desire to strengthen the connection between oneself and the sacred; thus bringing light to the world. Attending an authentic Shabbos dinner with the sweet smells and melodies of Shabbos, or doing a mitzvah for the first time such as lighting Shabbos candles, putting on tefillin, or giving friendship to a child with special needs, naturally attracts and stirs the Jewish soul. Taking classes on the most basic precepts in Judaism or on deep Kabalistic insights awakens us; excites us. Jews just need an opportunity, and Chabad provides it. Once a Jew’s spark becomes a flame, he/she is able to light up a spark in another. Chabad started this revolution, through the genius and foresight of the Lubavitcher Rebbe–obm, who sent young couples out to the four corners of the earth to light the sparks of fellow Jews, and bring light to the darkness.

The answer to the big question is right in front of us. It is at the core of what Judaism is about: Torah and mitzvos. We just have to find our way there.