Building the Beit Ha-Brick-dash

Building the Beit Ha-Brick-dash

It’s easy to mourn the destroyed First and Second Temples on Tisha b’Av, but it’s not at all fun.

But now it’s both easy and fun to build a Third Beit Hamikdash of your own, with the release of the “Holy Temple” Lego kit from, which makes Jewish-themed building kits with real Lego components. Other kits have included menorahs, a seder plate, a bar mitzvah boy reading from the Torah, and a mini-figure of Moshe Dayan.

The Holy Temple kit breaks new ground in jBrick complexity and price. It features 1,305 bricks and instructions for building a model of the Beit Mikdash according to the specifications of Maimonides. And it costs $613.

For a further $770, you can buy a 1470-piece kit that models the Temple Mount and its underground tunnels, with space to place your Holy Temple model.

This is not the first time that the rebuilt Temple has entered the world of Lego. In the summer of 2018, Rabbis Kalman Worch and Ruven Benshmuel presented a 12,000 brick model at Chicago Brickworld convention, which drew 10,000 Lego fans. Their version was almost three feet tall and three feet wide.

“This impressive scale was noticed by the attendees,” a Chabad website,, noted, “many of whom had little or no exposure to the concept of the Third Temple.”

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