Brits booked for bagel battle

Brits booked for bagel battle

03-3-V-Screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-11.57.29-AMThe Guardian headline was dire: “Fight on UK train after people kept placing bagels on travellers’ heads.”

The story continued: “Police were called to break up a fight on a train as rowdy passengers repeatedly placed bagels on other travellers’ heads.”

Much of the raucous bagel action was recorded on video and posted to Twitter.

Appropriately enough for a fracas caused by passengers acting British while eating Yiddish, “The 12.54am Great Northern service from King’s Cross to Huntingdon was held for 18 minutes while the officers took statements,” the Guardian reported. 18 minutes.

No arrests were made, however.

British Transport police tweeted: “Let’s be clear, no bagel should be treated so cruelly. And no one subjected to intimidating behaviour. Ever need us text 61016.”

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