Borrow a gown – donate a gown

Borrow a gown – donate a gown

Thanks to a generous offer from anonymous donors allowing the group to use their New Milford home, Something Borrowed – the Teaneck Gown Gemach, has opened. The gemach has a collection of more than 300 gowns for children, catering to bat mitzvahs and other special occasions; more than 150 adult gowns, and 30 shorter dresses to fit all simcha needs. There are also a few bridal gowns, and the gemach would love to grow that collection.

Robin Bin-Nun, Aviva Breda, Becky Katz, Bassy Lewis, Debra Okun, Ora Rapfogel, Ali Rosenthal, Rivki Rosenthal, Renee Schneier, Shira Yablok, and Elana Zachter are the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to make Something Borrowed a reality. The gemach was established in loving memory of Helen and Samuel Baruch, beloved grandparents of Avi and Becky Katz, and Phyllis Savetsky, Rivki Rosenthal’s mother.

The gemach encourages community members to go through their closets, do a mitzvah, and donate their simcha dresses at two convenient locations. There’s porch drop-off at any time at 46 Sylvamdur Ave., in Bergenfield, and at 302 Maitland Ave. in Teaneck.

For information, including times when the gemach is open, email or text (201) 522-7719.

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