Bob Klapish (Final installment)

Bob Klapish (Final installment)

I present to you the conclusion of “What does Bob Klapisch think about…”

The Mitchell Report: The steroid report last year did a good job scaring future players away from taking steroids, as it is no longer worth the punishment or embarrassment.

Roger Clemens: Clemens made a big mistake by refuting that he ever did steroids when it is obvious to everyone that he did do steroids for a considerable amount of time. If anything, said Klapisch, Clemens should have told “half the truth” and at least admit to doing some steroids but then immediately quitting.

K-Rod: The Mets’ newest closer, Francisco Rodriguez, is disliked by many baseball players. During an all-star game a few years ago, Yankee closer Mariano Rivera, known for loving just about everyone, told the team staff to keep K-Rod away from him. He is a potential cancer in the Mets clubhouse.

Nis Frome: Once met Bob Klapisch, and in case you don’t believe him, here is a fuzzy picture as proof.

Blackberries – not quite as renowned for their picture taking as they are for Brick Breaker.
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