Blame Obama

Blame Obama

In your October 4 editorial, “Putting the blame where is really belongs,”, you make a great point of blaming the electorate for not fulfilling their duties as responsible citizens and voting for their elected officials. You also put blame on the Tea Party, moderate Republicans, and Democrats.

You fail to put any blame on President Obama. Our president wanted nothing more than to have the government shut down, for he believed that he could blame the Republicans for this calamity, as he blamed the Republicans for sequester calamity.

All of the presidents, both Republicans and Democrats, in the seven previous times that the government was shut down sat down without conditions with both houses of Congress to come up with a compromise. Even President Carter followed this procedure. They were seeking a solution and they found it. But, our president does not want to solve this problem. He believes that this tactic will ensure a Democratic victory in 2014. With such a victory in both houses of the Congress he will be able to put through all sorts of radical legislation and spend money that this country does not have.

I agree with your closing statement that “We have only ourselves to blame.”