Bibi takes the gloves off — and throws them (and Feiglin) out the window

Bibi takes the gloves off — and throws them (and Feiglin) out the window

It’s the Likud smackdown that we’ve all been waiting for.

In the right corner, the party head and once (and perhaps future) prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu!

In the…farther right corner, the man who has been kept off the Likud Knesset list for years because of sedition charges, Moshe Feiglin!

Feiglin came out swinging last week with a decisive victory in the Likud primaries, winning the 20th spot on Likud’s legislative list. But King Bibi asserted his authority today and demoted his right-wing rival to 36th, effectively sidelining his nemesis who has his own designs on Israel’s top job.

Although past polls gave Likud a strong showing in February’s general election, the party has been not polling strong enough to expect 36 seats in the Knesset, which means it is unlikely Feiglin will get in. A new poll, however, put it very close to the magic number that would push Feiglin forward.

The Jerusalem Post has reactions from both sides, polls, and why Feiglin is not appealing this switch to the Supreme Court.

“I am not ready to be an MK thanks to the Supreme Court, which is a branch of Meretz,” Feiglin told Channel 1. “I want to be an MK thanks to the voters. I call upon right-wing voters to vote Likud so the 36th slot will be realistic.”

Bibi fired back:“I am the Likud’s leader, and the MKs understand that I set the policies.”

Looks like we’ve got a real brawl on our hands. Stay tuned.

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