Bereaved bride invites world to celebrate her wedding

Bereaved bride invites world to celebrate her wedding

Defying the terrorists that murdered her father and brother, Sara-Techiya Litman has issued an open invitation to her Jerusalem wedding.

Sara Techiya Litman’s father and brother were murdered by terrorists shortly before her wedding. She and her husband-to-be Ariel have decided not only to go ahead with the wedding, but to invite everyone to join them.

Here’s the full text of the invitation:

My enemy, don’t be happy that I fell because I arose

אל תשמחי אויבתי לי כי נפלתי קמתי

With G-d’s help our wedding will take place next Thursday 14 Kislev- November 26 at Binyanei HaUma (in Jerusalem)

בע”ה חתונתנו תתקיים ביום חמישי הבא י”ד בכסלו 26 בנובמבר בבנייני האומה.

All of the nation of Israel is invited to arise from the dust and to happily participate in our happiness

כל עם ישראל מוזמן לקום עמנו מעפר ולשמוח בשמחתנו

Sarah Techiya and Ariel

שרה תחיה ואריאל.

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