Ben Porat Yosef buys its building

Ben Porat Yosef buys its building

Ben Porat Yosef finally owns its Paramus building.

The building originally was the home of the Frisch School, which moved into a new home in 2007. In 2008, Ben Porat Yosef, a pre-k through eighth-grade day school, began renting space there. Two years later, Ben Porat Yosef agreed to buy the building, making payments over a five-year period while assuming full responsibility for it.

Last week, four months ahead of schedule, Ben Porat Yosef made its final payment to Frisch and closed on the building. The school is continuing its capital campaign, hoping to make improvements.

Ben Porat Yosef was founded in 2001 and graduated its first eighth-grade class last year. It now has 430 students.

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