At Chico Marx’s Funeral

At Chico Marx’s Funeral

Chico Marx “had exhibited little interest in religion during his lifetime, but since a rabbi had been recruited for the occasion [Chico’s funeral] Maxine [Chico’s daughter] asked him to say that Chico Marx was the least MALICIOUS man who ever lived. The rabbi agreed. When it came his turn to speak he surveyed the crowd and intoned, ‘I have been asked by his daughter to say that her father was the least MISCHIEVOUS man in the world.'”
Now, Harpo was the brother who (in movies) never spoke.
At that point in the funeral, Harpo “leaned over and whispered to Groucho, ‘Listen, when I go, do me a favor and hire a mime.’ “

–Groucho by Stefan Kanfer

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