Apple stamp art

Apple stamp art

Apple stamp art

Apples are not just for eating. You can also make art with the fruit. Here is one craft project that you can make with the fruit.


1 apple
red and green craft paint
black sharpie
googly eyes
small clothespins
1 tube craft glue
1 sheet white card stock
1 paint brush


1. Cut an apple in half and apply a thick coat of red or green craft paint to the cut side.

2. Place the apple, cut side down, onto a piece of white card stock. Gently rock the apple back and forth for the best transfer onto the paper.

3. Carefully lift the apple the reveal your stamp. Leave to dry.

4. Once the paint has dried, add a pair of googly eyes with glue.

5. Add a mouth with the black Sharpie.

6. Attach a small clothespin for the stem.

Your first apple stamp is complete.

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