Anger from the Reform world

Anger from the Reform world

I was disappointed in “Do empty pockets make cold hearts?” (May 30), starting with the pejorative headline, subhead, and lead – “Can the bottom line be the only line for a Jewish organization?”

They draw a conclusion about the correctness of Temple Emeth’s decision better suited to an editorial piece, not a news article.

The subhead says “at last minute.” More than three months before the start of school is the last minute? When should such a decision be made, four years in advance?

As to the appropriateness of the synagogue’s decision, should an organization be forced to continue a program in which it loses money?

The article makes it clear that few members of Temple Emeth, or potential members, are being served by the program. One parent quoted in the article has another child in Solomon Schechter; the other is the rabbi of an Orthodox congregation.

You gave the latter, Rabbi Gavriel Bellino, an entire column – one-fourth of the article – to cast aspersions on Temple Emeth, including “this speaks of desperation and incompetence” and “They know their building in a few years will be either an Orthodox synagogue or a breakaway from the Korean church across the street.”

The Standard has a reputation among Reform Jews that the paper does not respect us. This article shows why.