And the mystery rabbi is….

And the mystery rabbi is….

Rabbi Ziegelman was installed at Temple Beth Abraham in 1951; a photograph from that day shows him, wearing a bow tie, shaking the hand of Rabbi Alexander S. Rosenberg.

Recently, we ran a photograph on the occasion of Rabbi Abraham Zigelman’s death that featured an errant photo caption [issue of Dec. 5, page 25]. That caption sparked a conversation with our readers, who recognized one rabbi who had been misidentified. But that left us with the unanswered question: Whose hand was the young Rabbi Zigelman shaking on the day of his installation at Temple Beth Abraham in 1951?

We believe we have found the answer, and that the unidentified rabbi was, in his day, a shining star in American Judaism. Accordingly, we hereby reprint, from the Fall 2013 issue of Jewish Action magazine of the Orthodox Union, a profile of Rabbi Alexander S. Rosenberg. First, though, from our correspondents:

Rav Moshe is immediately to Rabbi Zigelman’s right. For a devoted yeshiva student, Rav Moshe’s image is as recognizable as Honest Abe Lincoln’s would be to most grown-up Americans. I was privileged to see Rav Moshe hold a grandson on his lap in a Lower East Side park in 1973 and have a picture of him in my dining room. May his memory and that of his student, Rabbi Zigelman, be a blessing for all of us.

Reuven Escott, Bergenfield

I believe that the tall man Rabbi Zigelman is shaking hands with in the photograph is Rabbi Alexander S. Rosenberg, who was head of the OU and rabbi at Congregation Ohab Zedek in Yonkers, New York. He was my rabbi when I was growing up.

Edward S. Zizmor, Teaneck

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