“Already Missing Harold’s”

“Already Missing Harold’s”

Sung (almost) to the tune of “My Favorite Things,” as sung by Julie Andrews

Second cut brisket, small grocery carts,
Five-pound whole ones and chickens in parts,
Pastrami on rye and onions in rings,
These are my Harold’s favorite things!

No liver, no kasha, no tongue or pea soup.
Our kids won’t eat them unless they have croup.
Kishka, cole slaw, savory soups,
All of them welcome for feeding our troops.

Homemade babka, challah from Zadie’s,
Meeting old friends, the men and the ladies.
Cruising the aisles, checking the steaks,
Too fatty or skimpy, too big or too small,
Which of the cuts is best of them all?

Check that the hechshers are “kosher enough.”
Gotta tell Bobby to get the right stuff.
Yes … keeping kosher, can really be tough.
Shabbat dinners, always the same,
Their roast chicken changed up the game.
White butcher paper, with tape and not strings,
Just a few more of our favorite things.

Half-sour pickles, hot dogs and knishes,
Jewish delights to indulge all your wishes.
Sandwich specials with meat piled high,
Your cholesterol levels will reach for the sky.

No challah for Pesach for a week or two,
Only “Kosher for Pesach” will ever do.
Kitniyot’s OK, but no rice and no beans,
This is what shopping there really means.

Manishewitz and Goodman’s,
Streit’s egg matzos,
Hot chicken soup and unlimited latkes.
No deli sandwiches during mid-spring,
Who knew Pesach’s a favorite thing?

For simchas, functions, bar and bat mitzvahs,
Birthdays, holidays, and too many shivas,
They always had food ready to bring,
I guess they’re still one of our favorite things.

So, when the urge bites, When the time’s right,
When we want food fit for the kings,
We’ll always think Harold’s … and our favorite things!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Harold’s Kosher Market, an iconic presence in Fair Lawn and Paramus for 90 years, closed last month in response to the pandemic. Its loyal customers miss it dearly.]