Alienating decorations

Alienating decorations

This is a letter I sent to the Hudson City Savings Bank in Paramus about its Christmas decorations. I hope that some readers might consider writing similar letters to their banks. That’s how change happens.

Dear Sir:

A Christmas tree is a standard symbol for celebrating Christmas.

This holiday is appropriately celebrated in a religious institution or a private home, not in a bank.

My wife and I have had two accounts at the Teaneck branch of the Hudson City Bank for 42 years and have been exposed to this religious celebration for these many years. How can you not be aware that many people who do not celebrate Xmas feel excluded and offended?

Adding one little menorah to a corner of the bank does not solve the problem.

There is no reason to celebrate any religion in a bank.

There are numerous banks in Teaneck that do not have Christmas trees on their premises and are competing with Hudson City Bank for the loyalty of this very large Jewish and multiethnic community.

May I suggest celebrating American holidays? As a former officer in the USAF I would like to see Veterans Day celebrated. Or how about Independence Day or Thanksgiving, thus including everybody in the community?

If you do intend to celebrate the religious holiday of Xmas in December, and I truly hope that you will follow the lead of Chase and other banks in Teaneck, and omit Xmas decorations, may I suggest that you not exclude your loyal Jewish customers and decorate the halls with Judaica beginning a week before Chanukah, which this year begins exceptionally early, November 28! The same day as Thanksgiving….and wouldn’t it be nice if you celebrated this national holiday too?

There are numerous Judaica stores in Teaneck and other towns where Chanukah decorations can be purchased at a very reasonable price.