Against Nazi imagery

Against Nazi imagery

I am appalled by the outrageous comments comparing the recently enacted Arizona law that requires police there to check on the legal presence in the state of individuals stopped for other offenses to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.

The German Jews were German citizens until their citizenship was taken away on “racial” grounds by the Nazi Nuremberg Laws in 1935. Is Arizona taking away anyone’s citizenship? Many Jews fought for Germany in World War I, with 30,00 Jews having given their lives. The Jews had not sneaked into Germany illegally nor were they dealing drugs, killing police, and committing crimes out of all proportion to their numbers, as is the case with illegal aliens not only in Arizona but across our country.

Imagine if anyone who wanted could cross the border into Israel and stay as long as they wished. That would surely be the end of the Jewish state. For that reason alone I don’t see how any Jew can support illegal immigration.