Against ‘race-based voting’

Against ‘race-based voting’

Sarah Silverman, a talented comic, is promoting an effort to convince older Jews in Florida not to base their presidential election votes on race. I agree. Our votes should be based on intelligence, integrity, courage, triumph over adversity, and other attributes that individuals of all groups may or may not possess. Race-based voting is what gave Hitler his start in Germany. “Blame the Jews!” “The Jews are an inferior race!”

Further, if race-based voting by Jews appears to be a deciding issue in this election, you can bet it will be used as a fact in the future when a Jew or an Italian- or a Chinese-American runs for the presidency.

Racism is a blot on the American image. It holds us back from being the nation we can be. Jews have come here from all over the world and prospered under the motto that “All men are created equal.” Let us show that the Jewish community lives by that motto. I hope your readers cast their votes on the merits of the candidate.