‘Who is the real Barack Obama?’

‘Who is the real Barack Obama?’

Our Democratic Party has left us in the dust. It is no longer the party of Roosevelt, Truman, Scoop Jackson, and Lieberman. Today, the Democratic Party is the party of Pelosi, Reid, Carter, Michael Moore, and Moveon.org. It kicked Joe Lieberman out of the party and none of the party leaders supported him in his re-election fight. Only the people of the liberal state of Connecticut supported him.

Who is the real Barack Obama? Listen to his words in the primary fight and not to his modified views in his election campaign. Observe his behavior before he planned to run for the presidency. He has the charisma but not the judgment or leadership qualities required to be president of America.

Consider his more than 20-year membership in an anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church. He called the Rev. Jeremiah Wright his spiritual mentor. Can anyone really believe that Obama, in his long and personal relationship with Wright, did not know his hateful views? Obama has several other questionable relationships.

Obama did not resign from his church willingly. When he realized that it was political suicide to remain a member, he reluctantly resigned from his church. His resignation was a political act to remain a viable candidate. This is my only point of agreement with Wright. And what was Wright’s influence on Obama’s wife and children?

Many unexpected events occur during a presidency. Some critical decisions will have to be made quickly. Who is more qualified to make these important decisions? A man who votes “present” when he has plenty of time to consider the issue or an experienced legislator with a proven record of decision-making independent of political party?

No one can honestly and realistically say that John McCain will be Bush #3. Obama will be Carter #2! (Yes, I confess, I did vote for Carter once.)

The foreign policy difference is most important. Barry Rubin, editor of the Middle East Review, describes one presidential type as “Presidents whose main priority is to reconcile, rather than combat, radical regimes, proving America is friendly and eager to respond to their grievances. So far, only Jimmy Carter fits here. And so far also there is every reason that Obama is more likely than not to follow in this path. After all, this is precisely how he views the Middle East.” McCain will fall into another category: “Those who see the Middle East in terms of radical versus moderate forces and view Israel as an asset in this struggle. Like Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.”

McCain understands the horrors of war. He is not a warmonger. But neither is he willing to raise the white flag when defeat will have dire consequences and victory is possible and hopefully may create a new world of peace and democracy.