‘We’re here to stay’

‘We’re here to stay’

Helen Thomas should join the United Nations. The only thing united about it is its relentless obsession with Israel-bashing. Ms. Thomas would fit right in. For her to utter such vicious remarks is repulsive. Israel was never an Arab country. Jerusalem was never a capital for anyone but the Jewish people. There are 200 million Arabs surrounding Israel. Why is there no room for 6 million Jews to live in their God-given historic homeland?

The Jewish people are tired of having to justify their existence to the entire world. We don’t want any more memorials for dead Jews. We have the right to defend ourselves. The blatant disregard of video evidence from the boat is hard for me to comprehend.

The Israeli government undertook a dangerous gut-wrenching step when they expelled 8,700 Jews from Gaza for the sake of peace. The Israelis left behind structures to have an economic base for a future state. The day the Jews left the Arabs destroyed everything and established a state of terrorists. Where was Ms. Thomas and the U.N. when 8,000 rockets were shot into residential neighborhoods. The world encouraged ethnic cleansing, and now Gaza is Judenrein.

Does the world even care that Israel provides utilities and water to Gaza? Do they know that Israel provides 15,000 tons of aid every week to Gaza? Does anyone care that Arabs live all over Israel and that Jews can’t live in Arab sections? Do you remember when two Israeli soldiers got lost and found themselves in Ramallah? We all witnessed these two Israelis ripped to pieces in the police station and their bodies thrown out of a window accompanied by cheering from an Arab crowd.

It’s only when the Jewish people rise up to defend themselves that the U.N. cries foul and forces a ceasefire. Arabs can shoot rockets and no one cares, but when the Jews build housing in Jerusalem it’s called an obstacle to peace.

There used to be glorious Jewish communities in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, et al. They no longer exist. The Middle East, except for Israel, is almost Judenrein. If we have learned anything in our long, tumultous history, it is to rely on ourselves. We will no longer be the shtetl Jew led to slaughter, and the world better get used to it, because we’re here to stay.