‘We could have our own Kristallnacht’

‘We could have our own Kristallnacht’

The Aug. 7 lead story about Richard Wagner deals with anti-Semitism as practiced by a musical genius. But Wagner is no longer really our problem. Nor is Hitler, except as an icon for the Nazis of the present. Our problem is two-fold. First is the Madoffs, then the rabbis engaged in criminal activities, followed by names such as Greenspan, Rubin, Bernanke, and others involved in the current financial debacle. I read where 52 percent of the American people believe that the Jews are responsible for the crisis in the economy.

The second part of our problem is the Mideast wars. The names of the cheerleaders for going to war in Iraq and our excess use of power in international affairs are Wolfowitz, Feit, Abrahms, Kristol, and others. It should be noted that none of these people ever served in the military. As a member of the VFW, I receive its monthly magazine, which lists the latest casualties; there are few, if any, Jewish names. The solution to that is the reinstatement of the draft. And better yet: End the war and bring the people home. Those wars are not winnable but will only continue the casualty lists.

Sure there are others besides Jews who are involved in corruption and war-mongering. But if things continue as they are or get even worse, we could have our own Kristallnacht. We must demand strong and quick action against the miscreants.