‘Unanswered questions’

‘Unanswered questions’

Dina Kraft’s Aug. 21 article about demolitions being the center of the battle over Jerusalem leaves many unanswered questions.

First, she mentions $25.4 million of American Jewish money being spent to purchase land in East Jerusalem. Is there Arab/Muslim/Christian foreign money being spent to purchase property in Jerusalem? If there is, I find this article biased in not mentioning that figure.

Second, she writes about the eviction of Mather Hanoun’s family from a Jewish-owned property lost in the War of Independence to Jordan and built on by the United Nations. Did the U.N. buy the property from the owners? Did they build housing for the Jewish refugees from the War of Independence from the Arab lands? If a country wins land owned by Jews in a war and builds on it, then the other country wins it back and is not allowed to return it to the Jews, this looks like anti-Semitism to me.

Finally, what is wrong with Jews living in east Jerusalem, the west bank, and Gaza? If these lands revert to Palestinian rule in a peace agreement, these citizens should be allowed to live in Palestine, as the “Palestinians” of east Jerusalem were allowed to stay in Israel and offered citizenship. A “Jew-free” east Jerusalem and west bank is not peace.