‘Two-state solution the only alternative’

‘Two-state solution the only alternative’

Last Friday’s overwhelming vote at the U.N. Security Council in favor of the cessation of Israeli building activities on the west bank clearly indicates that the Netanyahu government is completely out of step with today’s realities.

Although the U.S. government vetoed the U.N. resolution, it also made it absolutely clear that a two-state solution now is of vital necessity .

With the cataclysmic events that have been taking place in the Middle East, the idea of Israeli minority rule in the west bank can no longer be sustained.

In fact, the idea of minority rule by an occupying power has been universally abandoned ever since World War II, when English rule by a minority over the vast subjugated majority in India came to an end in 1947. This caused a domino effect, and virtually one after the other colonial power had to abandon its minority rule over the majority of subjects.

These winds of change were and are fueled not only by worldwide boycotts, but worse than that, by riots, revolts, restlessness, and revolution by the formerly silent or near-silent subjugated majority.

The State of Israel has maintained a democratic rule ever since it came into being in 1948. With an overwhelming Jewish population it is globally recognized as a Jewish state by virtually all nations. However, since the outstanding Six Day victory of June 1967, it has maintained a minority-led rule over the majority Palestinian population in the west bank.

This is viewed with disapproval by the global community.

This dream of a Jewish west bank cannot be sustained any longer, and a two-state solution is the only alternative.

Without majority rule, Israel will be welcomed by the United States and the world in general.

Israel, with its powerful military force, would be a strong deterrent against any would-be aggressor.

The necessity to establish a Jewish state side by side with a Palestinian state with peace and security is absolutely vital in view of the upheavals taking place in the Middle East.

At the same time, establishing two independent states side by side has, most probably, never been more promising.