‘There is nothing we can’t accomplish’

‘There is nothing we can’t accomplish’

The recent meeting of world leaders at the United Nations was hectic.

Without their pithy comments we would never have known that Israel was complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nor would we have known that the Jewish state was behind the attack on the World Trade Center.

Those charges come from Osama bin Laden (who did not speak at the U.N.), Evo Morales, who was a grower of poppies to make heroin who was expelled from his country’s congress for inciting violence and then became president of Bolivia, and from Veneuzela’s Hugo Chavez, who believes in equality and freedom, but only for himself – a man who shuts down newspapers, radio, and television stations that have the temerity to oppose him.

With all of this we should not forget our Bedouin friend, Col. Moammar Khaddafi, a prime sponsor of world terrorism, much of it aimed at Israel and the United States.

And last but far from least, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (or as Jay Leno describes him, Mahmoud I’manut job), the man who thinks Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth (and, if recent reports are true, may be of Jewish ancestry himself).

With the exception of bin Laden, these men, these would-be world leaders, all spoke at the United Nations.

Their speeches castigated the United States and Israel as little more than cancerous tumors on mankind. They were treated by the press as serious world leaders, the same American press that reports the tragic deaths of Palestinian civilians but somehow manages to neglect to mention that Hamas has placed rocket launchers in hospitals, nursery schools, and residential neighborhoods and fails to mention the 7,000 rockets fired into Israeli civilian areas, residences, schools, and hospitals.

One of the best public relations machines in the world has fallen flat, and that is because we have allowed it to happen. The opposition has been far more active and far smarter than we have have been.

An Afghani has just been arrested and charged with plotting to set off a series of bombs in the United States. It is alleged that he was tipped off to federal surveillance by an imam, a religious leader

There has been no chest-thumping or any outward signs of remorse over these actions by the at-large Muslim community. Nor have these potential acts of mass murder been given coverage like that of the mass theft of Bernie Madoff. When his scheme came to light, there was a communal al chet by Jews. There is no such outpouring by our friends in the mosques.

I have said that Jews walk around wearing a sign on their backs that says “Kick Me.”

Jews force the media to cover events; they even provide coverage.

We are afraid to make waves. We are afraid to stir those who hate us and would do us harm. Terrorists dance in the street chanting “Death to Israel. Death to the Jews.” And what do we do? We say, “Don’t make waves. Don’t give them a platform.”

But when Jews stand up, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. If we stand firmly together, as did the heroes on Masada, we will defeat those who wish us harm.