‘Their own worst enemy’

‘Their own worst enemy’

It has been said over and over that Jews are their own worst enemy. By conviction or by his own stupidity, Justice Richard Goldstone allowed himself to be used as a weapon against his own people. His protests came too little and far too late to make any difference to the damage he caused.

History repeats itself when the enemies of Jews put Jews in positions of power, because they can depend on the Jew to bend over backwards to seem impartial. The Jew can also be used to deflect any criticism of anti-Semitism as well. Goldstone fell into this trap and the outcome is evident for all to see. Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad took photos with Jews dresssed in religious garb because the very photographs would prove that they do not hate all Jews.

We see the same pattern today with the phenomena of J-Street. This small but over-funded organization has made a name for itself by criticizing Israel while claiming to support it. Their policies are so at odds with the State of Israel that no Israeli government official would speak at their conference. They confuse the policy-makers in this country by distorting a unified message of support for Israel and undermine the hard work done by pro-Israel lobbying groups for the last many decades. They claim the mantle of Jewish leadership but have done nothing to earn it or to prove that they have meaningful support. A hard look at their funding speaks volumes: If you claim you are pro-Israel but receive checks from Arabs, you probably are not. Most members of J-Street probably think they are helping, but as with Goldstone the outcome can only be bad for Israel and the Jewish people.