‘The United Nations is a failure’

‘The United Nations is a failure’

In the jstandard.com readers’ poll of Dec. 5 (results reported Dec. 12), the participants voted 64 percent to 36 percent that “the UN is still an important world body.” If the “yes” voters are correct, it is a sad day for the western democracies and for Israel. Today, the United Nations is not a force for good and peace. It is a force for evil and racism. Hatred has replaced any desire to achieve the original goals of the United Nations.

I suggest that Jewish Standard readers review two recent articles: “The U.N.’s obsession with demonizing Israel” by Jeff Jacoby in the Nov. 30 Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal Dec. 3 editorial, “Fighting Racism, U.N. Style.” The headlines say it all.

Listen to the president of the U.N. General Assembly describing Israel’s behavior (as quoted by Jacoby): Israel’s policies are “‘so similar to the apartheid of an earlier era,’ he said, ‘that the world must unite against them, demanding an ‘end to this massive abuse of human rights’ and isolating the offending nation as it once isolated South Africa: with a punishing ‘campaign of boycott, divestment, and sanctions.'”

The WSJ editorial points out: “‘Durban II,’ planned for April in Geneva, promises to be an encore of the same old Israel-bashing. The draft declaration says Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians amounts to no less than ‘a new kind of apartheid, a crime against humanity, a form of genocide and a serious threat to international peace and security.'”

What are the peacekeeping accomplishments of the U.N.? In Lebanon, despite its very own resolution, the U.N. is permitting the rearming of Hezbollah. This type of peacekeeping can only assure another Israel-Lebanon war.

Like the League of Nations, the United Nations is a failure. In fact, it is worse than a failure. It is a threat to world peace and justice. Incompetence, corruption, and racism are the legacies of the U.N.