‘The Palestinians not ready’

‘The Palestinians not ready’

At the recent AIPAC convention and elsewhere, the Obama administration gave Israel “tough love” advice, pressure, and perhaps orders on what Israel has to do to achieve peace. There is talk that there may be strong differences between the peace policies of the USA and Israel (between Obama and Netanyahu).

The current peace solution is two states living in peace. Unfortunately, the Palestinians are not ready for a state of their own: a viable state that can live in peace internally and externally, a state that can prosper economically, a state with an education system that does not teach hatred, a state that is more interested in the welfare of its people than in the destruction of Israel. Another rogue, terrorist state would be a disaster for Israel, for America, for the Middle East, and for the world. This is not the legacy that any president should strive for. Instead, America and the total international community should give the Palestinians some “tough love” advice, pressure, and insistence to create a situation where peace is possible.

It does not matter who the prime minister of Israel is. It does not matter who the president of America is. The only thing that matters is: Does the Arab leader desire peace and does he have the power to lead his people to peace? President Sadat of Egypt wanted peace and had the power to achieve it. After tough negotiations with the hawkish Begin, a peace treaty was signed. (Unfortunately, it is a cold peace – but it is peace.) Ditto for King Hussein of Jordan. Arafat did not want peace. He rewarded the dovish Barak (who virtually gave away the store) with terror. It is not clear that Abbas wants peace or has the power to achieve peace. Certainly, Hamas only wants the destruction of Israel.

My “tough love” advice to Israel: Continue the negotiations. Obtain the best treaty possible. Remember that the security, survival, and safety of Israel and its people come first. Suicide is not a viable option. I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu understands this very well. I hope President Obama also understands.