‘The last opportunity to save lives’

‘The last opportunity to save lives’

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wants the Jewish community to destroy Cong. Steve Rothman, because the congressman cannot help the rabbi to get rid of the Libyan housing alongside his property.

Not satisfied with attacking Steve Rothman, Rabbi Boteach goes all out in his vehement and vitriolic April 9 denunciation of President Obama.

Cong. Rothman has been a staunch protector of Israel and other Jewish causes, and the official in charge of Obama’s election campaign in New Jersey.

When I questioned the congressman about Obama’s credentials, particularly Obama’s relationship with Jewish people and Israel, I received a six-page memo from Steve. When I asked for six copies to hand out to my friends who doubted and didn’t trust Obama, I received the six copies and I gave them to the doubters.

Maybe the rabbi has forgotten, so I’ll remind him: Two states were created by the United Nations, an Israeli state and an Arab state, and Jerusalem was internationalized. It was up to both parties to negotiate a peace and boundaries.

Unfortunately, the foolish Arabs went to war. Later, with the terrorist Yasser Arafat in power, hundreds of people were killed on both sides. If peace is not worked out during Obama’s presidency, the killing will continue.

Every United States president since Israel’s founding has tried to make peace. None have been successful. President Obama has to be impartial to be trusted by both sides. For more than 60 years we’ve all waited for peace in Israel.

I believe this administration is the last opportunity to save lives.