‘The ideas embellish our chag’

‘The ideas embellish our chag’

I disagree with those who urge the “downsizing” of mishloach manot (March 6).

I consider it admirable that the young Mommys of today put aside their daily lives and chores to take the time and effort to push their ingenuity to work by coming up with a theme encompassing two kinds of foods to fill the mishloach manot obligation. It is certainly not the $90 basket that elicits accolades. Whether it is the theme of an easel, with a palette of jelly beans and an edible paint brush, or a fish theme with a can of tuna and jelly fish candy, the ideas embellish our chag. Of course, the mishloach manot get better and better. That’s part of life. Yesterday, making a simple chicken and kugel was acceptable for guests; today the women have exceeded their mothers’ culinary talents. So too, mishloach manot has gotten more interesting, colorful, and creative.

It was so inspiring to witness the vibrancy of Purim day, which was ablaze with people visiting, sharing, and enjoying. It was a day when people were actually communicating with each other on a personal level.

Tzedakah is an obligation for every Jew, but the check-off lists of our local shuls are not sufficient for the full education of our children. But, as long as there’s a balance, I say that Purim is getting better and more colorful. Even in the 21st century, the chag holds a special place for our families and children who are adorned in their zany costumes and make fun for all.

I say, hail to Queen Esther! Hail to Mordechai! And, most important, hail to our young moms and dads for perpetuating the beautiful customs we have on Purim!