‘The community should be working together’

‘The community should be working together’

As a parent working to meet the needs of those in the community who find themselves looking for a less expensive way to provide their children with a quality secular and Judaic curriculum, I would like to clear up some misconceptions. First, the low-cost tuition model will not move forward if it means compromising the quality of the core education. Second, if this is to be achieved it would mean taking steps forward in technology and innovative thinking to make more of less, which might be considered progress. Third, we feel that allowing parents to volunteer their time and skill and take an active role in their children’s school would be a step forward and something to be encouraged and applauded.

I would urge people, before knocking down this option, especially without knowing the details (which have not been fully developed yet), to consider a family existing in our community today trying to make ends meet and being hit with a major day-school bill that precludes them from saving for retirement or even paying their monthly bills. Should we encourage more people to apply for tuition assistance, which would add stress to a system in which benefactors are likely earning, and therefore donating, less?

Maybe it is time to find a solution that involves using less money rather than looking for more money where there is little, if any, to be found.

Instead of trying to find fault with this model, maybe the community should be working together to fully explore whether a low-cost tuition model can be created that will be consistent with our educational values.