‘So where’s the change?’

‘So where’s the change?’

This is in response to the several letters printed in defense of Sarah Palin. Let’s step back a little. Let’s look how John McCain has been running his campaign. (By the way, had he won the nomination back in 2000, I might have voted for him).

Back in 2000, John McCain was slimed by the Bush campaign. In 2008 John McCain is using Karl Rove methods (Rove is one of his advisers, so where’s the change?) to slime Obama. McCain was tortured during the time he was a POW in Vietnam, yet he advocates torture of suspected terrorists. McCain has more experience than Obama, but his economic policies are those of George Bush. He wants to maintain a presence in Iraq. He voted against the GI Bill because he didn’t want to tempt people to leave the military. The top people in his campaign are former lobbyists. So where’s the change?

McCain pandered to the disaffected Hillary voters by putting a very inexperienced but successful female governor of the least populated state on the ticket as his vice-presidential candidate. Gov. Palin’s anti-sex education stance apparently has not worked very well. She favors teaching creationism in schools, overturning a women’s right to choose, and shooting wolves from airplanes. Lovely.

Obama may not be as experienced as McCain but his policies are in the interest of most Americans. He’s a brilliant man with vision and new ideas. You may not have heard about these ideas because he’s too busy fighting the McCain slime machine.