‘Outstanding evening’

‘Outstanding evening’

I have just returned from a remarkable, memorable evening of the first of 12 shiurim at the Teaneck General Store in Teaneck.

This series is sponsored by the Teaneck Jewish Community Council. Rabbi Ephraim Simon of the Chabad of Teaneck spoke on the topic of “Taking Action to Improve the Lives of Ourselves and Others.”

He spoke in a modern, relevant manner about the true purpose of our existence and the choices we make daily, between giving of ourselves or, alternatively, conducting our lives in a self-focused manner. He stressed the many portions of Torah that support this mandate to give.

The atmosphere was warm and cozy, on a bone-chilling night. There was an audience of approximately 20, from varied backgrounds in the community. The rabbi’s topic became particularly compelling when he mentioned his secular background in California and the experience that led him to become a Jewish leader on the East Coast. We also later learned about how he lives his life in a truly spiritual way, giving of himself in extraordinary ways.

A simple one-hour study session has inspired me to examine my own actions and contributions in life.

This was an outstanding evening, and I look forward to the upcoming shiurim at the Teaneck General Store.