‘Outrageous attack’

‘Outrageous attack’

I am astounded, shocked, and perturbed at the vicious and outrageous attack by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Cong. Steve Rothman (Letters, July 2).

Cong. Rothman elucidated the action of Obama’s administration in its history of working with the Israeli government, supplying Israel with Americas’ most effective military supplies, joining with Israel in war games using our Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Even recently, America forced through the harshest United Nations sanctions regarding Iran, receiving support from China and Russia, maybe because Obama knows exactly how to play the diplomatic game.

Yes, Israel and America are playing a game, and Obama is the shield that Israel needs in its relationship with the nations of the world.

Rabbi Boteach wrote and spoke harshly even before Obama was elected to office, and he is carrying his bias to this day.