‘Not an either/or proposition’

‘Not an either/or proposition’

I was dismayed by “Environmental leaders roiled by oil plan” (April 9).

The writer should have interviewed an “environmental leader” who favors the plan. Without the expression of such views the article is one-sided.

I disagree with the individuals interviewed who oppose drilling in new domestic areas because they think we should focus on conservation. I agree we should decrease our use of foreign oil, but what I think we should do and what Americans actually do are quite different. The fact is we are not economizing on use of these resources. The next time you attend a rally of environmentalists, ask for a show of hands of how many people walked or rode bikes to get there.

The interviewees fall back on a false dilemma. There is nothing about finding new sources of oil that should stop anybody from economizing on energy use. It’s not an either/or proposition. A sound policy would both expand exploration, especially of domestic areas, and encourage conservation of what limited energy we already possess. And as a Jew, I believe the less the United States is reliant on the oil reserves of the sheikhs and petty dictators, the more secure the State of Israel will be.