‘Muslims involved in conflicts’

‘Muslims involved in conflicts’

I have to agree somewhat with reader Bob Nesoff’s Dec. 5 letter. I don’t consider myself a biased person. I see overwhelming evidence contradicting stereotypes of pretty much any group of people. I have not seen this evidence as much with regards to Muslims. While the vast majority of Muslims do not commit acts of terrorism, many either condone or fail to repudiate it, which puts them on the side of the terrorists.

We never see Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or anyone else except Muslims blowing themselves up in order to kill others. Muslims are involved in most of the conflicts around the world.

We cannot stop terrorism. But Muslims can. The so-called moderates must raise their voices loud and clear against not only terrorism no matter whom it’s committed against, but against those parts of their religion that instigate it. So far I haven’t heard nor seen any evidence of this except for whispers here and there from the American Muslim community. This is not the 12th century. Islamic extremists in their hate, their ignorance, and their cowardice fail to realize they cannot kill or convert the rest of the world. They and their families can have peace or no peace. It’s up to them.