‘Monsters and murderers’

‘Monsters and murderers’

Israel can’t win for losing with the media, The Record included.

Sunday’s paper showed a picture of a Palestinian rooting through the wreckage following an Israeli retaliatory raid.

Why retaliation? Seems the poor, put upon Palestinians sent some 50 rockets and mortars into an Israeli settlement. Do the media show that damage? Heck no. It’s not as dramatic as making the Israelis into bad guys once again.

Where was the media condemnation for the horrific murder by terrorists of a sleeping family of mother, father, and three little children? Not much to say here – but it is a safe bet that any Israeli response will make prime-time news.

Where was the coverage of Hamas and other Palestinian “leaders” handing out candy to their children to celebrate the murders? Non-existent. Why? Maybe it would portray the Palestinians for the cold-blooded, heartless monsters and murderers that they truly are.

These are the same humanitarians who tried to foster the libel that Israel knew about the 9/11 attack and warned Jews to evacuate the Twin Towers. And they are the same humanitarians who danced on the rooftops and held barbecues to celebrate as the smoke from the burning buildings and bodies wafted skyward in the distance.

It is beyond time that fairness and balance in the media were extended to Israel. Peace can never come to that region until the Palestinians begin to realize that their atrocities will no longer be hidden behind a cloak of media anonymity.