‘J Street’s silence is deafening’

‘J Street’s silence is deafening’

Kudos to Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner for removing any remaining doubt as to the intentions of J Street. The organization has always unofficially promoted itself as an alternative to AIPAC, and indeed it has been true to its word. While AIPAC’s goal has been to foster and promote closer ties between Israel and the United States based on mutual values and interests, J Street, through its actions time and again, has tried to drive a wedge between those ties. Its activities related to the Goldstone Report are just the latest example.

While calling itself pro-Israel, J Street continues in its attempts to undermine congressional support of resolutions aimed at bolstering Israel’s right to self-defense while incessantly focusing on Israeli settlements as the root of all evil. In fact, examining the stance of J Street on various issues, most people would be hard-pressed to distinguish it from pro-Palestinian lobby groups.

J Street’s endorsement of the Goldstone Report, which accused Israel of atrocities by deliberately targeting civilians in the Gaza war, was bad enough. How can a so-called “pro-Israel” group enthusiastically stand behind a report that supports such a vile premise without accompanying proof? Worse, as Rabbi Kirshner pointed out, is the organization’s silence when even the author of the report later admitted he erred. Using the most basic logic, shouldn’t a truly pro-Israel group, upon the revelation that vile and damaging accusations against the country it claims to support were proven false, be shouting that fact from the rooftops for all to hear? J Street’s silence is deafening, and oh so revealing.