‘It’s foolish not to drill, drill, drill’

‘It’s foolish not to drill, drill, drill’

Whether we like it or not, oil will remain a vital energy source for decades. America’s options are dependence on foreign oil or domestic oil. America is fortunate. We have the natural resources – in Alaska, in the continental USA, and off-shore – to satisfy our needs for oil. Domestic oil will improve our trade balance, provide crucial jobs in America, give us greater political freedom, reduce terrorism funding, and keep gasoline prices low and stable. It is foolish and self-defeating not to drill, drill, drill.

The policy of cap and trade will increase the cost of energy for all Americans. We need low energy prices for our economy to prosper and grow. Cap and trade is the wrong policy at the wrong time.

The unfortunate truth is that climate change has existed long before mankind and Al Gore. We should not base our energy policies on unproven theories of climate change and the more uncertain theory of man-made climate change. Scientists are still debating the theories. Mankind can certainly create local pollution but it is uncertain and unproven that mankind can affect world climate change.

In no way do I oppose the development of alternative sources of energy. The increased use of wind, solar, and water energy is good, but will not replace the need for oil. Nuclear power is one source of energy that can greatly reduce our dependence on oil. The world is going nuclear. What are we waiting for?

Assume that we develop a practical electric car. If the electric power required to charge the batteries of electric cars is obtained from power plants fueled by oil, we nullify the advantages of electric cars. Nuclear power plants give us the full advantages of electric cars.

My solutions are simple. Continue our research for viable alternative energy sources. Meanwhile, drill for domestic oil and go nuclear to decrease our total dependence on oil.